Partner universities

University of Nairobi

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University of Dar es Salaam

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University of Ghana

The University of Ghana is pleased to be part of the Africa-wide Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) programme. The appropriateness of a programme of this kind, with its focus on research and public policy, at a time when African societies are undergoing major governance restructuring cannot be overstated. Having a common programme across several African countries means that the training students receive in their various countries will spread common values about public policy for democratic development. Read more.

Mzumbe University

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Uganda Christian University

Uganda Christian University (UCU) is excited to be part of the partnership with other African universities in offering the collaborative Master of Public Policy and Research.  We are a private, chartered (accredited) University with over 10,000 students studying in 8 faculties and on five Campuses.  UCU was established in 1997.UCU became the first private university in Uganda to win full accreditation from the Government of Uganda in 2004, and it is the only University in Uganda with two fully accredited Constituent Colleges. Read more.

Egerton University

The MRPP programme is hosted in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction & Educational Management.  It is coordinated by Professor Mark Okere who is a specialist in multi-method social science research. MRPP is a multi-disciplinary programme, and therefore, the associate teaching staff come from various departments of the University. Read more.

Maseno University

The Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) programme is an innovative programme that seeks to prepare students for efficient contribution to Government service delivery to the public. In this regard, the programme is new and unique in various aspects particularly, in its design and the pedagogy. It blends both research and public policy demonstrating the essential relationship between the two. The programme structure and the choice of courses are intertwined as evidenced by the content in the Curriculum. Read more.

Uganda Martyrs University

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University of Botswana

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University of Ibadan

Ibadan University is the oldest University in Nigeria.  A team of passionate, understanding and well qualified lecturers is teaching the Master of Research and Public Policy. Read more.

University of Jos

If you are looking for admission into higher institution of learning, University of Jos should be your university of first choice. The University of Jos was established with the vision of being an innovative institution with great interaction between ‘town and gown’. Today, the university still carries a high responsibility of fashioning tastes and attitudes of the future. We are committed to providing education that is globally competitive and relevant to the needs of today’s employer and the developing challenges of Nigeria and beyond. Read more.

University of Lagos

On behalf of the University of Lagos, Nigeria – the University of First Choice and the Nation’s Pride, I felicitate with PASGR and the 12 African Universities (including University of Lagos) that collaboratively designed and nurtured the Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) programme which is aimed at strengthening the production of Social Science researchers in Africa. Read more.

University of Sierra Leone

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