Maseno University

Host department: School of Development and Strategic Studies

Academic calendar: September to April

Application deadline: August

Point of contact/where enquiries can be made:

Tiberius Barasa,
Tel: +254 770 120 805


Dorcas Wanyama,
Tel: +254  712 926 755


Office of the Dean
School of Development and Strategic Studies
Maseno University
Private Bag, Maseno

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Prof. Julius Omondi Nyabundi Vice Chancellor

Prof. Julius Omondi Nyabundi
Vice Chancellor

The Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) programme is an innovative programme that seeks to prepare students for efficient contribution to Government service delivery to the public. In this regard, the programme is new and unique in various aspects particularly, in its design and the pedagogy. It blends both research and public policy demonstrating the essential relationship between the two. The programme structure and the choice of courses are intertwined as evidenced by the content in the Curriculum.

The programme is an efficient problem solving-based. It focuses on building excellent competencies in social science research; public policy analysis; communicating research; collaborating and partnerships; exchange of knowledge and best practices particularly through staff development programmes and staff exchange programmes organised by PASGR. I believe that research and policy analysis outputs are significantly effective in informing public policy process in the entire Continent of Africa. Informed and evidence based public policy process will in turn  transform the quality of life of the people of Africa.

The MRPP innovative pedagogy includes interactive technology, multimedia and e-cases in teaching. This is important evidence that universities in Africa are now realising the much awaited need to break away from the traditional lecture method which has predominantly been used in all universities on the continent and which also constrains effective creation and sharing of knowledge and skills.

In our own context, I am pleased to observe that most of our students who are enrolled in MRPP in Maseno University are senior public officials working with our various county governments. I believe these students are already applying the knowledge and skills they have learned so far in their work stations. Therefore they are immensely and positively contributing towards the achievement of the goals of our devolved system of government both at the national and county levels as well as towards the realisation of Kenya’s Vision 2030.

I want to thank the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research for initiating MRPP programme and making it unique with new and invigorating teaching methodology that will eventually revolutionise traditional teaching and training in all universities in Africa.


Message from Programme Coordinator


Prof. Erick Nyambedha, Programme Coordinator

The MRPP programme is a new revolutionary tool aimed at improving the way we do teach in our universities. Every lecturer who has taught a course in MRPP programme has adopted this new methodologies used in MRPP to teach other courses in other programmes. It is hoped that in the near future, MRPP will not only improve the teaching culture in our public universities but also produce graduates who are well baked with relevant skills to solve our endemic and societal problems in our perpetually impoverished Continent of Africa.

The two cohorts we now have in the MRPP programme in Maseno University are an eclectic mix of students from diverse backgrounds and of diverse age and experience thus ensuring varied viewpoints and perspectives of governance and social issues.  The significance of the Curriculum is that it is very well designed; is original; interactive; contemporary; professional; and problem focused. Each course aims at fulfilling the main goal which is to produce efficiency and excellency in their employment service.