Uganda Christian University

Host department: Department of Public Administration and Governance

Academic calendar: Advent (September) Semester and Easter (January) Semester

Application deadline:

Point of contact/where enquiries can be made:

Department of Public Administration and Governance
P.O. Box 4, Mukono, Uganda
Tel: +256 312 350 880/8351826; +256 794770 826

Rev. Canon Dr. John Senyonyi Vice Chancellor

Rev. Canon Dr. John Senyonyi
Vice Chancellor

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Uganda Christian University (UCU) is excited to be part of the partnership with other African universities in offering the collaborative Master of Public Policy and Research.  We are a private, chartered (accredited) University with over 10,000 students studying in 8 faculties and on five Campuses.  UCU was established in 1997.UCU became the first private university in Uganda to win full accreditation from the Government of Uganda in 2004, and it is the only University in Uganda with two fully accredited Constituent Colleges. The University’s Vision is to be “A Centre of Excellence in the Heart of Africa”.  Her Mission is “To Equip students for productive, holistic lives of Christian faith and service”. Our aim is stated in the University Theme:“A Complete Education for a Complete Person”.  We are enthusiastic to deliver this special collaborative programme as one of the pioneer universities.  We fully support the vision of MRPP to offer a programme that will enhance the skills base of Ugandan policy makers and researchers.




Message from the Programme Coordinator

The MRPP programme at Uganda Christian University is pleased to welcome you!  Whereas this programme is offered in other universities, the

Dr. Kukunda Elizabeth Bacwayo MRPP Steering Committee Representative and Dean School of Post Graduate studies

Dr. Kukunda Elizabeth Bacwayo,
MRPP Steering Committee Representative and Dean – School of Post Graduate studies

qualities that make it unique at UCU includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. A team of dedicated, committed, friendly, skilled and established academicians well grounded in the areas of research and public policy. We have a great staff who are committed to the mission and vision of the university from the top management to the lowest employee
  2. A peaceful, quiet,spectacular and clean campus environment conducive for post-graduate studies.
  3. A focus on the whole person; at UCU, we do not focus on you as merely a thinking person, but also focus on the mind, and the body as we seek to produce well rounded graduates who not only think, but feel and act in the professional lives from a bedrock of integrity.
  4. We train our graduates to be diligent and good stewards of their God-given talents and aim at enabling students to attain their potential.
  5. At UCU we develop leaders in their disciplines.
  6. Our students get ‘value for their money”. There is no profit motive in this university; all fees that are paid are used to advance the welfare of its students and staff.
  7. Most importantly, we are a university that is seriously committed to our faith.  We have a legacy of education in Uganda that has lasted almost 100 years. Join us and be part of the legacy of the next century.