University of Jos

MRPP students, faculty and visiting lecturers at the University of Jos

MRPP students, faculty and visiting lecturers at the University of Jos



Host department:
School of Postgraduate Studies, University of Jos

Academic calendar: October to June

Application deadline: April to June

Point of contact/where enquiries can be made:

Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies
University of Jos
Jos, Nigeria
Tel: +234 732 903 55

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Prof. Sabastian Maimako

Prof. Sabastian Maimako, Vice Chancellor

If you are looking for admission into higher institution of learning, University of Jos should be your university of first choice. The University of Jos was established with the vision of being an innovative institution with great interaction between ‘town and gown’. Today, the university still carries a high responsibility of fashioning tastes and attitudes of the future. We are committed to providing education that is globally competitive and relevant to the needs of today’s employer and the developing challenges of Nigeria and beyond.

The University of Jos is located in the central part of Nigeria. Jos has a temperate climate. It is also referred to as the Home of Peace and Tourism. It is a miniature Nigeria as almost all the major ethnic groups that make up the country are found in large numbers.  The cool weather is conducive for learning activities. University of Jos has been rated as the second best university in Nigeria and is a leading institution in ICT. A postgraduate hall is available for students who prefer to stay on campus. The university has also subscribed to online journals and has a rich repository of books and journals to enhance both staff and students’ learning and research.

Over the years  employers of University of Jos graduands have categorised them above those from other universities which testifies to the motto of the institution: Discipline and Hard Work. It is therefore not surprising that for the Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP), University of Jos is the only institution that has two streams of 25 people each, the highest number of students in the MRPP network.


Message from the Programme Coordinator

Professor Bonaventure Nkup Haruna, Programme Coordinator

Prof. Bonaventure Nkup Haruna, Programme Coordinator

Many African governments grapple with the problems of effective and efficient policy formulation and implementation. This is because many existing policies that  direct governments’ decisions were made largely for political expediency. Most of these policies were not evidence based but were formulated on intuition, political manipulations, with little or no reference to research. Hence, many such policies tend to become stale, obsolete and non-usable within a short period of implementation. In other instances, policies may fail to address key issues that are vital to a country’s growth and development as they only scratch the surface of social problems without addressing the core issues of development. Many African nations therefore be said to be at the rudimentary level of policy making, years after gaining political independence.

The Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) is a well thought-out policy-cum-research programme that seeks to resolve these policy challenges so that the desired objective of good governance to a people can be achieved. It provides an opportunity for policy studies that can lead to better policy making based built on a scientific base for analysis and interpretation. The MRPP is taught by top professors from the departments of Political Science, Economics, Management Sciences, Sociology and Psychology. Africa has a lot to gain as a result of this new and wonderful programme as it will help ensure that sustainable growth and development that comes because of effective and efficient policy making are achieved.