University of Lagos

Host department: Department of Political Science, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Academic calendar: October to June

Application deadline: May

Point of contact/where enquiries can be made:

Head of Department and Programme Coordinator
Department of Political Science
Akoka Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +234 018 025 26/231 2; +234 017 403 307

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Vice Chancellor, University of Lagos

Professor Rahamon Adisa Bello

On behalf of the University of Lagos, Nigeria – the University of First Choice and the Nation’s Pride, I felicitate with PASGR and the 12 African Universities (including University of Lagos) that collaboratively designed and nurtured the Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) programme which is aimed at strengthening the production of Social Science researchers in Africa.

I believe that we have passed the stage of applying traditional approach to teaching and learning. We need to engage in innovative pedagogical approach as encapsulated in the PASGR’s initiated Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) programme. Its strong linkage with the global public policy network of leading universities in the world makes it robust, unique and fascinating. It is my hope that this uniquely laudable programme will ultimately achieve its primary objective of producing eminently competent public policy analysts that will be sufficiently equipped to work in government and non-governmental establishments in the continent.


Professor Rahamon Adisa Bello
Vice-Chancellor, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Message from the Programme Coordinator


Professor Solomon O. Akinboye

As part of its intellectual obligation to develop high quality programmes that are capable of producing high level manpower for societal needs, University of Lagos decided to associate with the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR) in running its uniquely consummated Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) programme. The decision to join the MRPP train is also in tandem with the new thinking of injecting institutional reforms and new perspectives into the University’s postgraduate programme. The uniqueness of the MRPP collaborative programme has been clearly demonstrated by the dual path ways – research and public policy – that it emphasized, and the innovative pedagogical approach to teaching and learning, embedding role-plays, e-cases, simulation and case studies, among others. The programme commenced at the University of Lagos in the 2014/2015 session with sixteen (16) students and eleven (11) strong members of its teaching staff comprising six (6) Professors, three (3) Associate Professors and two (2) Senior Lecturers. In furtherance of its desire to put the programme on a sound footing, two important workshops on orientation for case study teaching, curriculum development and alternative pedagogical approaches course have been organized by PASGR in Nairobi, Kenya, for stakeholders. These have been cascaded by the host Department – Political Science – which has similarly organized two workshops in Lagos, Nigeria.

In our quest to ensure quality assurance which is an invariant hallmark and key instrument of the MRPP innovative programme, we have been engaging in exchange activities at the level of staff exchange with our colleagues in other MRPP universities. We have also been promoting interdisciplinary research using innovative approaches in line with global best practices. We share PASGR’s insights with remarkable lucidity and commend the nobility of its intentions and supportive role in terms of providing modern teaching equipment to facilitate efficient delivery of the programme. The MRPP’s approach, is no doubt, a new paradigm of teaching and learning, tailored towards meeting the current and future needs of the society. We are proud to associate with the programme and irrevocably committed to its sustenance and efficient delivery system.

Professor Solomon O. Akinboye
Programme Coordinator