Demanding power: struggles over energy access Research findings from the Action for Empowerment and Accountability Research Programme (A4EA)

Around the world energy prices, subsidies, and availability have very often become flashpoints for social mobilisation, protest, and demands for government response whether in the gilet jaune movement in France, and or in passionate protests in Zimbabwe. Focusing in Mozambique, Nigeria, and Pakistan, as well as more broadly, this seminar will report on emerging findings of the role of energy protests as conduits for social and political mobilisation, deepening our understandings of the salience of energy as a social justice issue amongst poor and excluded people.


  • Naomi Hossain; IDS, and American University
  • Tade Aina; Executive Director, Partnership for African Social and Governance Research, Kenya
  • John Agbonifo; Osun State University, and Ayo Ojebode; University of Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Umair Javed; LUMS University, Pakistan
  • Euclides Gonçalves; Kaleidoscopio, Mozambique