It’s Time For African Researchers To Incorporate Pedagogical Skills In Teaching To Catalyze Exceptional Learning – Expert

The Director of Higher Education Programme at the African Partnership for Social and Governance Research (PASGR), Nairobi Kenya, Dr. Beatrice Muganda has declared that Higher Education must incorporate pedagogical leadership skills in teaching to transform teaching and learning on the continent.

Dr. Beatrice Muganda who stated this while featuring on Diamond Fm Radio, University of Ibadan, tasked lecturers and institutions to incorporate trans-formative curriculum design; technology-enhanced learning, group work, e-cases and digitally enabled stories to achieve the best learning outcomes.

The PASGR Director of Higher Education pointed out that  there was the need for African researchers and lecturers to incorporate pedagogical skills in teaching to catalyze exceptional learning moments.

“We need pedagogical leadership in African institutions in order to transform the way teaching and learning happens. We need to mobilize resources to catalyse exceptional learning moments. PedaL will transform a lecturer to knowledge facilitator and make students co-creators of knowledge. We must embrace technology in African to enhance learning outcomes and improve interactions in the learning spaces,” she said

According to her, “all lecturers need pedagogical training and skills to get the best outcomes for African transformation”

The expert  stressed that University of Ibadan has been playing leadership role among the partner institution, saying, “the goal of pedagogical leadership in African higher education is to transform lecturers to facilitators and students to co-creators of knowledge.”

Dr. Muganda noted that the old strategy of spoon-feeding students has not achieved the best learning outcomes urging lecturers to break the barriers and make their classes more interactive by making their students active.

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