Partnership for African Social and Governance Research Annual Report- 2018

From the Chair

PASGR’s main mission of creating vibrant social science communities across the continent has remained significant. As we continue to invest in our communities of practice by building the next generation of excellent researchers and policy actors in Africa, we have experienced immense effect in these communities of knowledge and practice throughout our work.

A key focus in 2018 has been the formation and strengthening of partnerships with new social science institutions and individuals across the region in major areas of public policy.

2018 was the year PASGR launched Pedagogical Leadership in Africa (PedaL)—a formal partnership of eight institutions that aims to embed and catalyse systemic change in teaching and learning practices. PedaL also seeks to maximise learning outcomes through strategic interventions in graduate social science programmes. The project is one of nine partnerships awarded by Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform (SPHEIR) to catalyse systemic change in teaching and learning within African universities.

PedaL has been highly praised and was recognised as the first training in pedagogy by notable international, regional and local online and print media. It has also received endorsement from top African scholars and policy actors.

Thanks to a stronger digital and online imprint, we have been able to reach a broader pool of potential participants.
The delivery of a customised Methods Institute in Nigeria and Zimbabwe through our innovative Professional
Development and Training (PDT) courses have been embraced across the entire continent. The cost-effective initiative has been very well received by all the stakeholders and blends well with PDT’s newly unveiled Business Plan (BP). It complements the wider PASGR Strategic Plan that aims to achieve an institutional sustainability trajectory.

Finally, PASGR’s incipient leadership in excellence has been made possible by the very able Board of Directors and
Secretariat, in collaboration with all our key partners.
I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for a job well done in 2018 and wish all stakeholders success in every endeavour.

Professor Ernest Aryeetey
Chair, PASGR Board of Directors