Features, Governance Characteristics and Policy Implications of Non-­State Social Protection in Africa

Authors: Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR)
Year: 2012
Type: Framework paper

This framework paper was developed to explain PASGR’s interest in supporting African research on social protection; specifically, research that would contribute to policy actors’ knowledge about “non-state” social protection in Africa and its interaction with “state” provided social protection. The paper was primarily meant to guide African research teams preparing to submit a “concept note” in response to the call by PASGR under the ‘Features, Governance Characteristics and Policy Implications of Non-State Social Protection in Africa’ research project launched in April 2012.

However, researchers (in Africa and elsewhere) concerned with social protection may also find the issues raised in the paper of interest in terms of their current or future research. Policy actors (NGOs, civil servants, politicians, academics, donor agencies, etc.) within and outside the region may also have an interest in the findings and lessons ultimately arising from the research supported under this project.

Open Publication